Building the right computer for 3Shape

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August 4, 2019

Building the right computer for 3Shape


3Shape is a robust 3d imaging platform used by dentists worldwide to aid in providing the utmost technical care to their patients. While the software and dongle that is provided with the system is top notch tech, sometimes the resellers that provide the PC to 3Shape may come as a surprisingly lack luster, inadequate tool for the job. While 3Shape does take some time to load, this is normal, if your PC doesn’t have adequate resources you may find the images tend to skip and jump a lot. If you don’t have a computer guy or IT company to help out, here’s what you can do to help yourself!


Want a better PC to connect to your scanner?


So you want to build a better PC for your scanner, after all you spent a lot of money on this system! It should work right! So there are a couple of criteria we have found to work for our customers, and other IT consultant’s clients as well.


Here are the recommended specs:

– At least 16GB of RAM, but 32GB would be more future-proof, especially if you design arches/long-span bridges. If money is no object, 64GB is god-like
– The best graphics card you can afford, but stay with NVidia. 3Shape apparently works best with their drivers and GPUs. A GTX1060 or better is a good bet
– Most dental software aren’t well optimized for multi-core CPUs so I would prefer a quad-core with a high clock speed over a lower clocked 6 or 8-core CPU
– SSD Drive is an absolute requirement for the boot drive (Windows and Dental System). You don’t want to live without it. Case storage can be on a regular HDD


We have found that if you stick to these guide lines, your 3Shape PC should work well with the scanner and produce skip free, smooth images!


The three take away’s from this are: Pack as much ram into the PC as you can! We always push for at least 64GB of ram. Nvidia graphics cards are the way to go, they optimize well, shoot for at least a 1060, but we have found 1050ti cards work well. Get an SSD (solid state drive), they are cheap these days and help tremendously in performance when using the dongle.


OK so you have your power house PC built and you’re ready to go right? No quite yet but close!



The second part of build your optimized 3Shape PC is licensing. This is a pretty trivial issue, but important none the less! You will need to call your reseller’s tech support and have them move the licensing to the new PC. You may want to set aside a few hours for this as it could take some time.





You need your business software and equipment to run at top notch performance. When it comes to 3Shape you need a power house PC to win the game! You’re not bound to the PC you we’re given, you can even rebuild it if you like. Some other suggestions are, make sure your server is up to date and has plenty of cores to spare in the CPU, this will help a lot. Also make sure your network is up to the challenge as well, one overlooked aspect is the lines and equipment between the 3Shape PC and the server.


Need more help? Head to our main page and give us a call, we’re more than happy to give you suggestions over the phone or help out! We’re local to the Columbus Ohio area, and have been providing IT support and consulting to Dental clinics for years.


Tobias Decker

Vice President

Acumen Tech Group


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