Data Backup

We provide a wide range of backup solutions that range from basic file cloud backups to fully featured granular data recovery backups from multiple points in time using  Cloud virtualization to spin up lost servers, getting you back to business in minutes not days.

We will work within your budget and can provide low cost monthly backup contracts without the need for major capital outlays for hardware/software solutions.

Data Recovery

Our highly qualified and duly certified technicians will recover all of your lost data be it from your hard drives or portable storage media devices such as flash drives, external hard drives, and floppy drives. Acumen IT will provide you with two excellent data recovery solutions:

Logical data recovery – this type of data recovery will focus on data loss as a result of file system damage, sabotage, inaccessible rives, accidental file deletion, computer viruses, and inadvertent drive formatting.

Physical data recovery – this type of data recovery solution focuses on the actual disassembly of the physical data storage media in order to gain access to the stored information. More often than not, storage media mechanical failure is the culprit.

ALTO Backup & Recovery
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