Managed Services (MSP) frees you the business owner from the time-consuming management of critical IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT department.

Features and benefits of Acumen MSP

  • Proactive Solutions – When you outsource your IT services to Acumen you can expect improved performance and nearly zero downtime by detecting issues well in advance of them causing failure and downtime.
  • Compliance and Security – Acumen IT is thoroughly familiar with HIPAA and PCI compliance standards which minimizes the risk of compromised client data or loss of other sensitive information. We implement security strategies to keep your firewall up to date as well as other security measures.
  • Lower Costs – The ultimate benefit of managed services is its ability to lower business costs by minimizing expensive network downtime or intrusion.
  • Faster Response Times – Since we continuously monitor your network, servers and workstations we can quickly respond to issues before they impact your operations and when necessary we can deploy a technician to your business.
  • Peace of Mind With Acumen MSP it’s like having a full-service IT department for your business without the complexities and expense of creating one from scratch.
  • Comprehensive IT Support – Including management of operating system updates and patches as well as hardware installation and maintenance, backups, and disaster recovery services.
Managed IT Services
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